Residental Services
Residental Services

Our Residental Services

We provide a wide array of services to home users. Here are some of the services we offer.

Virus & Malware Removal

Is your computer acting slow and doing things on its own? You might be infected by malware. We can remove the virus or malware and get your computer working again. *Note: If the infection is too severe an OS reinstall will be necessary. Please backup all Documents, Photos, Music and Videos if possible. You must let us know if you need your files backed up. If we have to reinstall windows you will lose all files if they are not saved elsewhere.

Computer Cleaning and Optimization

Just like your house you need to clean out the “junk” on your computer. We can clean out the temporary files that are not needed and that are taking up precious hard drive space. We recommend this be done monthly depending on how often you use your computer.

Computer Hardware Upgrades

We can upgrade your computer if you need more memory (RAM), bigger hard drive to store more stuff and other hardware inside your computer. *Note: If we purchase the hardware you will be charged for the part plus the labor to install. Usually this is only 1 hour of labor plus the cost of the part.

Data Backup Services

We can do a one time backup of your data to a DVD or external hard drive. There is also an option to setup a service to automatically backup your data to prevent loss.


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